House of Shakira: "Radiocarbon"

Studio album no 9 for the band,
released December 2019. Check it out!

X-Romance: "Voices from the Past"

2019: 30 year old demos from the band Romance finally re-arranged, re-recorded and released.  Andreas proudly sings lead on the full album.


2018 Andreas Novak joined forces with Stoneface, doing lead vocals and co-writing their debut album.  Stoneface derives from renowned Swedish hard rockers Motherlode!

Best of MRR

Selctions from the first 99 records released on MRR in Australia. Andreas first demo version of "No Vacation" is included as well as House of Shakira´s unreleased track "Shell Shock".

House of Shakira: "Sour Grapes"

HoS´s 8th studio album, 2016.

Andreas Novak: "NoVakation"

Andreas 2nd solo album finally released 11 July 2011 after an epic struggle.

House of Shakira:
"Paid to Play Live"

Recorded live at Obaren, Stockholm 2013.
Released 2014.

House of Shakira: "Pay to Play"

The bands 7th studio album. Released September 2013.

House of Shakira: "HoS"

Relased 2012.

Andreas Novak: "1932"

Single. Andreas sings the battle sond for Swedish hockey team Färjestad BK, which was founded 1932.

Andreas Novak:
"Forever Endeavour"

Andreas first solo album.
Released april 2005. Label: MTM 

Astrakhan: "Retrospective"

Andreas performs backing vocals on six tracks.

Astrakhan: "Adrelanie Kiss"

Backing vocals on a whole bunch of tracks.

Tomas Bergsten´s Fantasy

Backing vocals on "War is over."

German Pascual: "A New Beginning"

Andreas arranged and performs
backing vocals on six tracks.

Jay Jay Parmar: "Circle of Fire"

British guitar virtuosis Jay Jay Parmar. Andreas proudly co-wrote and sings "Test of Time".

MRCD9: "15 years later"

Andreas performs "Melody Rocks" with other known singers, also, House of Shakira contributes with rare track: "Black is White", previously unreleased.

MRCD8: "The Next Chapter"

Andreas performs "A New Hope"
from his solo release "NoVakation". 

Melody Rock CD 5: "Writing on the wall"

Compilation album. Andreas fetures two songs.

Aeon Zen: "A mind´s portrait"

Lead vocals on two tracks: "Hope´s Echo" part 1 and 2.

MTM Rock Ballads: "Volume 6"

From Forever Endeavor: "Carry on". 2005.

Mind´s Eye: "A work of art"

Lead vocals. 2002 / Re-released 2005 (2 bonus tracks)

Mind´s Eye: "Waiting for the tide"

Released 2000 / re-released 2006 incl bonus tracks.

A Millemmium tribute to KISS: "Lick it up"

Lead vocals on "The Oath", performed by Mind´s Eye.

Blackmore´s Castle: "A tribute to Richie"

Lead vocals on "I surrender".
Interesting band name on this one...

MTM Compilation: "Volume 10"

Track 13: "Save Me" from solo album
"Forever Endeavor"

Give Us Moore: "A tribute to Gary"

Lead vocals on "Wild Frontier"

Warning: "Minds of a raging empire - A tribute to Queensryche"

Lead vocals on "I will remember"

Fame Factory: "vol 7"

Track 13: "Save Me",
taken from first solo album
"Forever Endeavour"

Anders Johansson: "Higher"

Session only, no lead parts.
Backing vocals only.

Westlife: "World of our own"

Session only, no lead parts - of course!
Andreas sings backing vocals on "Evergreen".

Peter Jöback: "Jag kommer hem igen till jul"

Session only, no lead parts.
Backing vocals on three tracks.

Hockey Fever 2: "Hockey anthems"

Probably some vocals in the chorus on
"I gult och blått", but only Bert knows... Whatever you do, don't buy this crap!
Andreas was young and needed the money.
Too bad he never got paid...


Backing vocals on two tracks.