1 January 2022
There's something going on...

1 January 2021

Still nothing going on due to Covid-19.
Activity will be resumed when possible.

1 January 2020

Nothing going on due to Covid-19.
Activity will be resumed when possible.

11 December 2019

Our 9th album, "Radiocarbon", is finally released!
Go ahead and check it out!
Here's "Not alone", third single:
House Of Shakira - "Not Alone"

10 October 2019

"Delusion" released as first single from the new album:
House Of Shakira - "Delusion" 

11 August 2019

House of Shakira + Frontiers = "Radiocarbon"! 
House of Shakira has signed with the mighty record label Frontiers.
The band's 9th album will be released in December 2019:

11 May 2019
Andreas is proud to do lead vocals on the full album
X-Romance: "Voices from the Past". To be released through AOR Heaven on May 24th. The first reviews are overwhelmingly positive!
Check out this video to get a head start: 
X-ROMANCE - Lonely

15 November 2018
House of Shakira is still Andreas' main band, still busy making their 9th studio album, to be released 2019.

7 April 2018
Stoneface released! Swedish rockers Motherlode joined forces with Andreas in November -17, and already by April a brand new album was released. Hear it! 
"-I'm damn proud of this album. The world needs to hear it."
Andreas brags before hitting the stage at the release gig in Örebro. If it's hard to find, contact us and we'll help you!

1 January 2018
Andreas joins Stoneface! Stoneface is born out of the remains of Motherlode, and Andreas is their singer. HerStoneface - Play their gamee's "Play Their Game", of the forthcoming album, to be released 7 April:
Stoneface - Play their game

27 September 2017
Thanks, Escape Festival! Back home from Escape Festival with lots of nice memories, House of Shakira returns to the studio to complete their 9th studio release. Meanwhile, you can help by following both Andreas and House of Shakira on Spotify. Get on with it!! And rock on!

5 September 2017
Getting in shape for Escape! House of Shakira is right now composing their 9th studio album, and will soon hit Escape Festival in Germany. Frontman Andreas Novak comments: "-Again, our intention is to kick some serious ass. Both live and with our upcoming album. I repeat: No ass will remain unkicked."

29 October 2016
House of Shakira just rocked Joliet, Illinois! Crazy, crazy nights...

15 September 2016
Sour Grapes release party! It's already out - you can't stop it! Celebrate with the band and see them live at 23:00 at Pub Anchor, Sveavägen 90, Stockholm, Sweden. A one off chance to buy the album at a very special price - and get it signed!

26 August 2016
Sour Grapes released today! We're House of Shakira and here's a song for ya'... 
House Of Shakira - On The Edge

3 August 2016
Stupid Love Song... We're back in the Stockholm groove with another preview of House of Shakiras upcoming album. Let this Stupid Love Song set the pace until the 26th of August, whenl you get the rest of our Sour Grapes:
House Of Shakira - Stupid Love Song

17 July 2016
Thanks Luleå! Oh what a night! Luleå was on fire! We love you all! Thanks Thomas Hjert for pictures! Now give our new song a spin while waiting for the release of Sour Grapes! Here's "Trial by Fire" for you, which was performed as a duet in Luleå together with swedish rock goddess Zia Lindberg! 
House Of Shakira - Trial By Fire

11 July 2016
Five years since NoVakation! Yes, it's five years since the release of this one!'s sold out! Making this was no vacation, to say the least. Andreas: "I'm proud as hell it eventually came out, and hey - it made it all the way to Japan. Cheers to that!" The stories behind it might just call for a third one...

29 June 2016
Getting in shape for Luleå! House of Shakira will hit Luleå Hamnfestival on Friday 15th July. With just about a month to go until the release of House of Shakira's upcoming album, you'll get a nice mix of older and newer material, and also a brand new song from the upcoming release. See you in Bluestältet 22:30!

4 April 2016
Finally! It's soon three years since Pay to Play saw the light of day,n and now House of Shakira's next studio album is finally mixed, mastered and done! This album marks the third House of Shakira release with Andreas Novak on vocals, and allegedly it tops the previous two - so hold on to your hats, people. Stay tuned for title and release date.

25 December 2015
Merry X-mas & Happy 2016! Ain't no rest for the wicked. House of Shakira is finalizing their new album to be released spring 2016. Stay tuned for more info soon.

11 July 2015
Ten years already? Yes, it was 2005... Unbelievable how time flies. This one made it all the way to Japan. Lots of talented people on that one, and it's actually available for very nice price right now at:

25 June 2015
Thanks Haparanda! Back to the studio! House of Shakira had a blast in Haparanda and really enjoyed the midnight sun. Hope to see you again soon! House of Shakira is heading back to the studio to finish the upcoming album. Stay tuned.

20 July 2014
House of Shakira is now recordning their 8th studio album. Andreas Novak illustrates their goal: "-Our intention is to kick some serious ass." Andreas Novak kickin' some invisible ass at Väsby Rock Festival 2014.


11 December 2019
Release party for the brand new House of Shakira album "Radiocarbon".
The band performs live around 20:00.
Scandic Malmen, Lilla Hotellbaren
Folkungagatan 47, Stockholm - Sweden

7 April 2018
World première gig and album release.
Frimis Salonger, Örebro, Sweden

8 - 9 September 2017
House of Shakira: Escape Festival
Dessau, Germany

6 September 2017
Getting in shape for Escape!
House of Shakira Live at Pub Anchor
Stockholm, Sweden

28 October 2016
House of Shakira:
Rock'n'Skull Festival
Joliet, Illinois - USA

15 September 2016
Release Party for "Sour Grapes".
23:00 at Anchor, Sveavägen 90, Stockholm, Sweden.

15 July 2016
House of Shakira:
Luleå Hamnfestival, Sweden

13 June 2015
House of Shakira:
Northern Light Festival
Haparanda, Sweden

4 October 2014
House of Shakira:
Melodic Rock Fest 4
Chicago - USA

18 July 2014
House of Shakira:
Väsby Rock Festval
Stockholm, Sweden

16 July 2014
House of Shakira:
Black Carpet
Stockholm, Sweden

Andreas Novak is a singer/guitarist from Sweden,
currently fronting House of Shakira. Andreas has released two solo albums:
"Forever Endeavour" (2005) and "NoVakation" (2011).

Inspired by the rock scene in the early 80's, a ten year old Andreas Novak picked up a guitar in 1981 and spent the rest of that decade listening and learning from contemporary rock bands like Kiss, Queen, Van Halen, Rainbow, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Sabbath, Def Leppard, Magnum, Toto, Yes, Genesis, Journey...

Guitar heroes such as Ace Frehley, Gary Moore, Steve Vai and foremost Eddie Van Halen, inspired him profoundly. He appeared mainly as a guitar player in various local bands during the 80's, singing lead only when there weren't any "real" singers around to do the job, according to himself: "-I bought a 4-track portastudio in April 1989 and started recording like crazy at home."

A fantastic little machine that made me record ideas on a daily basis, but I needed vocals on my demos. My only alternative was to use my own voice.
"-I did what I could with what I had, just to be able to present my music. People praised my vocal efforts, and cared little about my guitar licks, tricks and shreds. In the early nineties I realized what my next challenge would be."

With singing influences such as Paul Stanley, Ronnie Dio, Rob Halford, Glenn Hughes, Joe Lynn Turner, Freddie Mercury, Dave Bickler and Steve Perry among many others, Andreas didn't really consider himself to ever be able to play in their league. But at a time when the world was full of guitarists and the lack of competent lead singers was obvious, his choice to develop his singing skills came naturally. As he started to see himself more of a lead singer and frontman, new opportunities unfolded immediately. He was suddenly a powerful lead singer - as well as an advanced guitar player. 

Studying at the Stockholm Music Conservatory in 1998-1999, Andreas got in touch with the progressive band Mind's Eye that needed a new singer for their second album. Andreas joined, and during their ten years together the band released four albums that received great reviews worldwide. Andreas was always freelancing on the side of Mind's Eye, and constantly felt the urge to widen his perspectives even more. After participating in the swedish TV-show "Fame Factory" 2003 it was time to make an album out of his solo ambitions. With lots of help from a bunch of handpicked talented guest musicians and co-writers, the album "Forever Endeavour" saw the light of day in March 2005. Andreas parted ways with Mind's Eye in 2009 and was soon approached by House of Shakira in search for a new lead singer. The band's classic rock style was exactly Andreas cup of tea, and their premier gig took place in April of 2010 in Stockholm.

Andreas' second solo album "NoVakation" was finally - against all odds, threats and malevolence - released 11 July 2011. Andreas was by then already highly involved writing material for his debut with House of Shakira, which was released in february 2012. 

That album, "HoS", marked a brand new start for the band and gained critical acclaim worldwide. House of Shakira's 7th studio album "Pay to Play" took the band to Chicago, and their 8th studio album "Sour Grapes" made them return to the US in 2016,
performing in Joliet, Illinois at the Rock'n'Skull festival. 

By November 2017 Andreas was approached by Stoneface, containing former members of well known Swedish band Motherlode, that toured with Magnum back in the 80's.
Andreas and Stoneface immediately started writing and recording a full album,
released already in April 2018. 

House of Shakira eventually completed their 9th studio album "Radiocarbon", released through Frontiers Records by December 2019.

The corona pandemic has enforced Andreas and any related projects into a vague hiatus. In other words, everything has been canceled or postponed indefinitely. 

May the virus be gone soon. 


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