Andreas joins Stoneface!


Stoneface is born out of the remains of Motherlode,
and Andreas is their singer. Check out this little teaser
of the forthcoming album, to be released this year:



Thanks, Escape!


Back home from Escape Festival with lots of nice memories,
House of Shakira returns to the studio to complete their 9th studio release.
Meanwhile, you can help by following both Andreas and House of Shakira on Spotify.

Get on with it!! And rock on!




Getting in shape for Escape!


House of Shakira is right now composing their 9th studio album,
and will soon hit Escape Festival in Germany.
Frontman Andreas Novak comments:

-Again, our intention is to kick some serious ass.
 Both live and with our upcoming album.
 I repeat: No ass will remain unkicked.





House of Shakira just rocked Chicago!


Crazy, crazy nights...