House of Shakira just rocked Chicago!


Be right back with pics and more info.



Sour Grapes release party!


It's already out - you can't stop it!
Celebrate with the band and see them live at 23:00 at

Pub Anchor, Sveavägen 90, Stockholm, Sweden.

A one off chance to buy the album
at a very special price - and get it signed!




Sour Grapes released today!


We're House of Shakira and here's a song for ya'...


Stupid Love Song...


We're back in the Stockholm groove
with another preview of House of Shakiras upcoming album.

Let this Stupid Love Song set the pace until the 26th of August,
whenl you get the rest of our Sour Grapes:



Thanks Luleå!


Oh what a night! Luleå was on fire! We love you all!

Thanks Thomas Hjert for pictures!

Now give our new song a spin while waiting for the release of Sour Grapes!

Here's "Trial by Fire" for you, which was performed as a duet in Luleå
together with swedish rock goddess Zia Lindberg! 


Five years since NoVakation!


Yes, it's five years since the release of this one!'s sold out!

Making this was no vacation, to say the least.

Andreas: "I'm proud as hell it eventually came out,
and hey - it made it all the way to Japan. Cheers to that!"

The stories behind it might just call for a third one...



Getting in shape for Luleå!


House of Shakira will hit Luleå Hamnfestival on Friday 15th July.

With just about a month to go until the release of House of Shakira's upcoming album,
you'll get a nice mix of older and newer material,
and also a brand new song from the upcoming release.

See you in Bluestältet 22:30!





It's soon three years since Pay to Play saw the light of day,
and now House of Shakira's next studio album
is finally mixed, mastered and done!

This album marks the third House of Shakira release with Andreas Novak on vocals,
and allegedly it tops the previous two - so hold on to your hats, people.

Stay tuned for title and release date.





Merry X-mas & Happy 2016!



Ain't no rest for the wicked.

House of Shakira is finalizing their new album to be released spring 2016.
Stay tuned for more info soon.



Ten years already?


Yes, it was 2005... Unbelievable how time flies.
This one made it all the way to Japan.



Lots of talented people on that one,
and it's actually available for very nice price right now at:




Thanks Haparanda! Back to the studio!


House of Shakira had a blast in Haparanda
and really enjoyed the midnight sun.

Hope to see you again soon!

House of Shakira is heading back to the studio to finish
the upcoming album. Stay tuned.


House of Shakira is recording their 8th album

House of Shakira is now recordning their 8th studio album. Andreas Novak illustrates their goal:
-Our intention is to kick some serious ass. 

Andreas Novak kickin' some invisible ass
at Väsby Rock Festival 2014.