House of Shakira: "Radiocarbon"

 Album nr 9 for HoS,
 released December 2019

Check it out!  



 X-Romance: "Voices from the Past"

 2019: 30 year old demos from the band Romance
 finally re-arranged, re-recorded and released.
 Andreas proudly sings lead on the full album.




2018: Andreas Novak joined forces
with Stoneface, doing lead vocals
and co-writing their debut album.

Stonface derives from renowned
Swedish hard rockers Motherlode!






Best of MRR

Selections from the first 99 records released
on MRR in Australia: Andreas' first demo version
of "No Vacation" is included,
as well as House of Shakira's
unreleased track "Shell Shock".


House of Shakira: "Sour Grapes"

HoS' 8th studio album, 2016.






Andreas Novak: "NoVakation"

Andreas' 2nd solo album,
finally released 11 July 2011
after an epic struggle.



House of Shakira -
Paid to Play Live
Live at Obaren Stockholm 2013.
Released 2014.





House of Shakira -
Pay to Play

The band's 7th studio album,
released September 2013.

hos.jpg House of Shakira -

Released 2012.


Andreas Novak - 1932

Single. Andreas sings the battle song
for Swedish hockey team
Färjestad BK, which was founded 1932.

Released 2016

novak.jpg NOVAK - Forever Endeavour
First solo album

Released march 2005.
  astrakhan.jpg  Astrakhan - Retrospective
Andreas performs backing vocals
on six tracks.


Astrakhan - Adrenaline Kiss                
Backing vocals
a whole bunch of tracks.


Tomas Bergsten's Fantasy

Backing vocals on
"War is over"

germanp.jpg German Pascual - A New Beginning
Andreas arranged and performs backing vocals on six tracks.
  circlejay.jpg  Jay Jay Parmar - Circle of Fire
British guitar virtuosis Jay Jay Parmar.
Andreas proudly co-wrote and sings
"Test of Time".
mrcd9.jpg MRCD9 - 15 years later
Andreas performs "Melody Rocks" with other known singers. Also, House of Shakira contributes with rare track: "Black is White", previously unreleased.
  mrcd8.jpg  MRCD8 - The Next Chapter
Andreas performs "A New Hope"
from his solo release NoVakation
MRCD5-500.jpg Melodic Rock CD 5 - Writing on the wall
Compilation album.
Andreas features two songs.
  Aeon Zen.jpg 

Aeon Zen - A mind's portrait
Lead vocals on two tracks:
"Hope's Echo" part 1 and 2.



Mind´s Eye - A Gentleman's Hurricane
Lead vocals


  v3.jpg  V3 - Melodic Rock CD 3 - V3
Lead vocals on track 2: "Said and done" 
deac.jpg  Deacon Street - II 
Lead vocals on three tracks 

Mind´s Eye - Walking on H2O
Lead vocals


MTM Rock Ballads - Volume 6
From Forever Endeavour: "Carry On" 2005


Mind´s Eye - A work of art
Lead vocals
2002 / Re-released 2005 (2 bonus tracks)

wftd.jpg  Mind´s Eye - Waiting for the tide

Released 2000 /
Re-released 2006 incl. bonus tracks
  kiss.jpg  A Millennium tribute to KISS: Lick It up" 
Lead vocals on "The Oath",
performed by Mind's Eye
blackm.jpg  Blackmore's Castle:
A tribute to Ritchie

Lead Vocals on "I surrender".
Interesting band name,
to say the least:

MTM Compilation - Volume 10
Track 13: "Save Me" from solo album
"Forever Endeavour".

moore.jpg  Give Us Moore: A tribute to Gary
Lead vocals on" Wild Frontier" 
  que.jpg  Warning: Minds of a raging empire -
A tribute to Queensryche

Lead vocals on: "I will remember" 

Fame Factory - vol 7
Track 13 : "Save Me",
from solo album
"Forever Endeavour".

  higher.jpg  Anders Johansson - Higher
Session only, no lead parts
Backing vocals only 
wlf.jpg  Westlife - World of our own
Session only, no lead parts of course!
Backing vocals on: "Evergreen" 
  jbk.jpg  Peter Jöback -
Jag kommer hem igen till jul

Session only, no lead parts
Backing vocals on three tracks.
hf2.jpg  Hockey Fever 2 -
Hockey anthems

Probably some vocals in the chorus
on "I gult och blått" - but who knows?

Whatever you do, don't buy this crap!
Andreas was young and needed the money - too bad he never got paid...

  jul.jpg  Julskivan
Backing vocals on two tracks.